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Entrana Progress & Updates



Hello Entranites!

We've got a few things to update you all on and show you guys. It's been a little bit since our last update, and we want you to know what we've been working on.

First of all, you may have noticed our new logo above. You will see this new logo in the client, on the forums, and the ...

Posted by Neo on 2017-02-08

Game Updates 1/23/2016


Hello everyone, today is a day of change for Entrana. Entrana Eco is transforming into Entrana Adventure. We felt that a server dedicated to purely economy-based grinding and skilling is just not that fun, thus the name change.

What does this mean?

We will be focusing on the fun aspects of the game and making it easier to access them and expe...

Posted by Zero on 2017-01-23

Entrana Trailer


As we're nearing the release of our PvP world, Joe OSRS has been kind enough to make a video for us to bring it under the attention of his subscribers!